Help Getting SSL Cert To Work On Hostname/Cyberpanel Control Panel URL

Hi there

Hoping someone can help me with this.

I am using my registrars nameservers. I have A Records set up at my register for my CyberPanel VPS’ nameservers ( / All domains work fine and all SSL certs are working on all domains fine other than my hostname.

I was having some problems getting the sub-domain/hostname I created to access Cyberpanel working, so created an A Record at my registrar (A Record = pointed to server IP).

This fixed the access problem and I can access Cyberpanel via perfectly now.

I have applied SSL to Hostname as per Cyberpanel instructions but it doesn’t appear to apply the cert as I am getting Connection Not Secure when I access Cyberpanel.

Is there something more I need to add at my registrar for Letsencrypt to recognise the cert I am issuing via Cyberpanel?


I take it you have created subdomain and gave it lets encrypt cert for CP to use?