Have a path question

I got my site running great and got my email working also.

Have one issue hopefully someone knows the answer.

I can open LightSpeed WebAdmin using my ip path but
if I open LightSpeed WebAdmin using my domain path I get a This Site Can Not Be Found Page.
https://mydomain.com:7080 or http://mydomain.com:7080

I can live with it and and login with my server ip address but would be nice is I can use my domain and https also.

Thank you

Currently hostname doesnt work for Litespeed web admin for now. Use IP address

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Got ahold of the tech for openlightspeed.

Support Tech Quote:

your site is behind cloudflare proxy , but CF won’t proxy port 7080 , so it doesn’t work

Turned off the cloudflare proxy and 7080 started to work correctly.

Also asked how to change the openlightspeed port since cloud flare does allow proxy ports 443, 2053, 2083, 2087, 2096 and 8443. I already changed cyberpanel port to 8443.

Support Tech Quote:

edit the file /usr/local/lsws/admin/conf/admin_config.conf
find the line address *:7080 , that 7080 is the port , change it to the port you want , then restart it by >>systemctl restart lsws
make sure your have opened that port in firewall as well.

Maybe this addition info will help other.
Thanks for all the help everyone.

Cloudflare does not allow ports 8090 and 7080. When you use Cloudflare for the DNS management make sure you have disabled the proxy.

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If you manage DNS with Cloudflare, you cannot access the 7080 port

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