Has anyone been able to successfully run NuxtJs app on CyberPanel VPS?

I’ve recently moved from using shared hosting to a VPS. I’ve successfully installed CyberPanel and successfully ran PHP websites. However, I’m now trying to run a NuxtJs app and I cannot find any tutorial of sorts for that. I’ve found some resources on running Node app but those didn’t work for Nuxt. CyberPanel has LiteSpeed and using that I saw some resources telling me to reverse proxy for Nuxt. I can start the Nuxt app via ssh and but cannot access it via domain or the IP. Does anyone have any experience regarding this?

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Welcome @srijay Happy you are here

Kindly share the tutorials you have followed here.

Nuxtjs has a tutorial already on how to deploy using pm2 via ssh Nuxt - PM2. You cannot deploy any nodejs app on CyberPanel without such access

Sure, i will share steps

I have sucessfully deployed Nuxt app and started it with pm2. However i cannot get it to show when i type in my domain name or even the IP address. It shows 404 error.

Thanks, please do.

Have you tried the internal monitoring to see if the app is still running and errors?

# Display all apps logs in realtime
$ pm2 monit