Google drive backup destination list is gone

My google drive backup destination list is gone and when I create it again I get the following warning.

{“status”: 0, “fetchStatus”: 0, “error_message”: “(1062, “Duplicate entry ‘Backup SRV Themarket’ for key ‘name’”)”}

How do I delete the target and create it again? being that it does not appear as configured destination?

G drvie list gone mean there is no account record can you please show g drive back up logs?

I can’t view the google drive backup logs, but when I enter the drive I see that the backup continues to run every week, new folders are created with the backups.

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sorry to bumb your thread
but i facing this trouble too
and i just realize when i chek your post with my cyberpanel

yes, my gdrive still retrive the backupfile
but there is nothing on cyberpanel