Getting Cyberpanel to work at home!

Hello all! So I use Cyberpanel in production via Google Compute Engine, and I love it. The one-click WordPress installs are great. So I thought, would this be great to run this at the office for development?

I have a TrueNas server and spun up an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS virtual server with an internal Static IP of The installer failed with the DNS issue in resolver.conf. I worked through this issue. After the installation I get the Go to IPADDRESS:8090. Of course, that was the external IP. So I edited the /etc/cyberpanel/machineIP file and replaced the public IP (This cannot be used) with the internal, saved the file, and rebooted the server. When I go to I get the LiteSpeed page with a 503 error.

I am lost at this point not sure where to start on the troubleshooting. I read something about status gunicorn.socket, but gunicorn does not exist.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!