FTP problem

Dear Customer,

A support ticket has been created in our system on your behalf. Here is the ticket summary:

We generated our server using the server image CyberPanel.


Then we added a web site and an FTP user.

However, the FTP user did not succeed in logging in.

The FTP user on the FTP server, PureFTPd, is stored in MySQL,
If the password string stored in MySQL (which should be a hash of the plaintext password) is used as the password, the login succeeded.

Domain will001.willnet.biz
FTP user fukuhara_will001
Password *u%8nshz+2nO-M8h

Password hash stored in MySQL: 36233c41be78408b978e7a8f7aad687f

How to retrieve

mysql -u cyberpanel -p cyberpanel

Enter password: # mysql -u cyberpanel -p cyberpanel

MariaDB [cyberpanel]> select Password from users where User like ‘fukuhara_will001’;
| Password |
| 36233c41be78408b978e7a8f7aad687f |
MariaDB [cyberpanel]>

If I use this “36233c41be78408b978e7a8f7aad687f” as the password as is, the login succeeded.
However, this string should be treated as a hash.
Do I need to do anything?

May i know your server os?