Fresh installation + Snappy

login to snapppy mail
what is username password and the TOTP ?

If you had rainloop and upgraded cyberpanel:
grep SetPassword /usr/local/CyberCP/public/rainloop.php

If you installed it fresh, should be this one instead:
grep SetPassword /usr/local/CyberCP/public/snappymail.php

Example output: $oConfig->SetPassword(‘q1qhHLFVnAQd5A’);
Your password: q1qhHLFVnAQd5A

If you can not run the above command, open the file instead.

Leave the TOTP code empty.
Username: admin
URL: /snappymail/?admin

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thankyou i will deploy new vps and test it again… ( now i will deploy and install cyberpanel using almalinux :smiley: )
i will update the result
before that
thankyou for your answer

Try the rainloop.php command instead, if doesn’t work, check what files are on the folder /usr/local/CyberCP/public/

the banner are snappy
and snappy ?admin working. i can see the totp

forget it, i already re-destroy the vps… and deploy new one with other panel… learning how to migrate the cyberpanel mail to other mail without changing the password
and if i’m lucky … maybe i need more time to migrade whole site to other panel and giving my client any reason to clean up email and change username password…

it just bad luck for me to upgrade cyberpanel to 2.3.2 phpmyadmin bug and now i find the remote and sometimes ssl not working for mail.domain

i wish i can stay and get installation to cyberpanel 2.3.1 with FM fix edition…

Install Anydesk and send me in PM, i help you setup it.

continue at PM

Found, fresh installation of cyberpanel, on almalinux, is saving the snappymail admin panel password at:

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noted… thankyou

I freshly installed the CyberPanel. And I can’t set username and password for snappymail… May I get some help??

If you mean the snappy admin password, log in the first time by adding ?admin to the end of your url.
Then the admin password will be at the location above.

The user is admin, with empty TOTP code.

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