Font problems


I am using Litespeed with Cyberpanel since 3 months now and have to think about switching to an alternative due to font problems.

On my WordPress pages with Litespeed Cache the font looks normal for days, until it randomly changes to another font and then I have to purge the cache. The process repeats every 2 - 5 days and it is pretty annoying, because this bug don’t have a logical reason for me and destroys the aesthetics of the pages for the visitors. Without the Cache plugin I have the same problem as well as on a Non-Wordpress page.

Hope someone knows a fix and Thanks in advance!

What version of LSCache plugin it is? If you disable the plugin it does not happen? (Also mention OpenLiteSpeed version)


it also happens earlier with the plugin disabled (must be a webserver problem and not plugin problem). The same bug also appears on a non-Wordpress page, where I have to reload it so the fonts normalize.

I use CyberPanel 1.8.0 (had the bug in 1.7.x also) and plugin version 2.9.2

Example (just open side by side to compare):

Correct webpage:
Destroyed (changed) fonts after some days:

I had this page on a normal webspace before and those issues never appeared.

Are you on OpenLiteSpeed, you did not mention your OpenLiteSpeed version?

Version: LiteSpeed/1.4.41 Open

yum update
yum upgrade openlitespeed

Have done this and now running Version: LiteSpeed/1.4.43 Open.

If this happens again I will report immediatly here, so Thanks for your help!

Update: The problem als occurs on this version of Open LiteSpeed :neutral:

Did you restart OpenLiteSpeed after upgrading, to be sure that latest binary is running?

Yes, I did.

Please create a ticket at

You can ref this thread on the ticket.

Since now I didn’t had this problem again so i think it has been fixed with the update.

Thanks, the topic can be closed since OpenLite Speed & CyberPanel is now perfect for my needs! :smile: