FIle manger

i’m trying to use file manager when i click upload i get this

Error -1 - Bridge response error, please check the API docs or this ajax response.

Noted, meanwhile you can use FTP for uploads.

I have the same problem. I can upload small files to 2 MB, but if I want to upload bigger file, I get this error. I changed the maximum upload file size in php but still have this problem.

Similarly, it happens in Wordpress if you want to upload bigger files


The file manager issue is currently worked on, regarding Wordpress upload size, can you please upload a php info page for us.

You will need to edit upload limit for the php version your site is using. Please PM me phpinfo page so we can further debug this.

thank you.

I’m using an external php filemanager.


Inside a virtual host?

@Hope, no. It is a PHP filemanager and I uploaded it in my directory.

i cant upload more then 2mb even after I changed the PHP to 40MB

This guide can be used to alter upload limit: