Extending Application Installer

I see there is some documentation on creating plugins at 1 - Getting Started with CyberPanel Plugin Development! - CyberPanel is there any information on extending the application installer, eg to add an application for installing?

Nick, I’ve invited you over to over slack for discussion regarding this. Check your email that you have used with this forum.

I would also like to know if I can change the APPLICATION INSTALLER, for example, remove some of the APPs. Assign specific APPs for a specific package. For example, a WordPress Hosting Package that only has WordPress + LScache, or maybe even auto-install an APP for a specific package, like Softaculous Instant Install.

Would be good if could assign specific plugin to the current WP + LSCache

@CyberPanel I would love to get more insights about this topic as well as we are using CyberPanel on all our clients’ VPSes and would like to contribute with some “APPS Recipes” if possible.

If an invite to the slack is a possibility, I would love one.

Thank you,