Error messages: 'package'

Hello technical manager, i want resell to other but they can’t create website, i maked acl and packeged for that but they can’t create website, Error message: ‘package’

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Kindly follow basic instructions here How to ask for assistance?

Possible solution:

upgraded but these method not work

Post the following How to ask for assistance?

Our friend can’t create website i also give the permission acl+create packeges

ubantu 22.04
version management:
Current Version:
Current Commit:
Latest Version:
Latest Build:
Latest Commit:

Did you follow this tutorial and set the proper values to use the option you created 1 - Packages

Yes i follow these steps

Hello sir please help me,

i want to share resource with starter plans with someone but can’t

share 10 domain
1000mb disk
1000mb ftp
10 database
10 emails

1, first problem if we select acl to give users access then can’t give specfics plans 1000mb disk etc,

2, if we give from packages selected and create website, then they can’t use multi domain and cyber panel