Error Logs HttpListener

Primely, I’m sorry, my English is Brazilian.

I’m a layman in the area, I’m learning about hosting now, I started having a problem with a quantity of logs enomers more than 60GB every time the 503 error on the page comes the following log

2019-07-08 08: 39: 17.000127 [ERROR] Failed to open the real time report!
2019-07-08 08: 39: 17.000154 [ERROR] [*: 443] HttpListener :: acceptConnection (): Accept failed: Too many open files!

with thousands of lines.

the site has an average 50,000 daily visit.

The CPU usage is 5% on average and the RAM at 23% is not overloaded by the server

I also experienced the same :frowning:

Your going to want to turn off the debugging or modsec verbosity. and have the logs rotate out