ERROR: list index out of range [calculateBandwidth]

Can anyone help with the following error

I am facing the error with my vps server
list index out of range [calculateBandwidth]

Kindly please help…:pray:

Welcome and Happy New Year @Any112521

What action did you do for this to happen ? Kindly post a screenshot of the error

I didn’t did anything to the server, automatically sever stopped working… While accessing cyberpanel admin panel showing 500 internal server error now.

Kindly please help :pray:it’s very urgent

Run the upgrade script, reboot server and try again

There are many files, will the upgrade deletes data ??

No here is the script. Run it in ssh terminal

sh <(curl || wget -O -

I have CentOs installed

Just run the script and tell me if the problem goes away. If you still have the issue post a screenshot here.

Ok thank you​:pray::pray:

Updated but facing the same error, kindly please help

I have never seen this kind of issue and as stated in the installation documentatiton it would be best if you used a different os. I would recommend Ubuntu 20.04 or AlmaLinux 8.3 - 8.4 x64bit.