Error Cyberpanel 1.6.4 please I need the solution urgently

Hi everyone, I’m having problems at 3 locations.
file manager
The file manager is giving permissions problems and I can not upload or delete anything
invalid path ftp
and ssl is generated from the host itself as I can to resolve
I would like the developer to make 2 versions available
1.6.2 stable
1.6.4 beta
for those who use the code often do not stay in the hand like today please I need the solution urgently

Hello !

By your thread, I assume that you are on 1.6.4, in this version only new features are in beta:

  • DKIM Manager.
  • Mail Server for DNS.

Regarding SSL there were some changes, we now verify DNS records at our end before trying to issue Let’s Encrypt SSL which is causing issues for some people. But without further information I can not help you with this, please create a support ticket at Home - CyberPanel

Also, mention the steps you do to upgrade (in case you upgraded).