ERROR: Can't send email using cyberpanel snappymail

Post your version management page here https://SERVER_URL:8090/base/versionManagment

here is the version details

Upgrade your copy and reissue mailserver ssl the recommended way

This is the SSL details from “LiteSpeed Server”…what should i change here?

How to upgrade it? Can you tell me plz?

let me see this

Can you send me direct command to write in CMD to upgrade?

There is confusion in mentioned doc

Hi, I just able to upgrade the cyberpanel

Should I reboot the VPS server?

I just upgraded the Cyberpanel …

I upgraded and reissue the ssl for mailserver

Can you see this?
I reissue the SSL of mailserver

This error occurs again while sending the mail to “

Now it is related to PTR records…

What are the PTR records?

Are you there?
Plz help me i am too much worried about this issue

Result report for “

is anyone here plz?

You need to create rDNS PTR record on your server. Contact your server provider for help. They should show you where you manage your server from; how to add these records

they always said that VPS is unmanaged by us…i think we have to do at our end

Which service provider is this ?

Hostinger is the provider