Error: Cannot find web socket backend


I’m creating a website for farm management. I’m running a Asp Net Web API on CyberPanel. I’ve done it following this article: Publish & Run ASP.Net on CyberPanel / Linux – Blog of Viov

The problem is I’m using a technology called SignalR. The SignalR is basically a top level abstract layer to simply web socket (it also include other functionalities but it don’t matter now). Everything was going as expected on the development environment but when I deploy the application and host the Asp Net on Cyberpanel the Web socket stops working.

The Error Log prints this error:

2023-05-24 09:26:32.085918 [INFO] [18351] [] Cannot find web socket backend. URI: [/fazendahub]

The client says that the Websocket didn’t send the handshake, so the Websocket definitely is not working. I checked the access log and there I confirmed that the Signalr protocol is broking on the web socket connection. Anyone has a solution?

My OS: CentOS 7 64bit


Current Version: 2.3
Build: 3
Current Commit: 7e18b8688c61266566d7d401c845701888b08a32
Latest Version: 2.3
Latest Build: 3
Latest Commit: 08cce2e80677e27b16572b9d80e131686f7f6d02

After days of research I created my own solution and its available on stackoverflow: - Error on Asp Net SignalR hosted on Cyberpanel - Stack Overflow

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