Error automatically changing to self-signed certificate at the end of the day

My website is using Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate, it expires on October 7th, but I have no intention of renewing it right now, I will renew it on October 1st.
Recently, however, I ran into an issue where cyberpanel would automatically replace that certificate with a self-signed certificate at the end of each day, which resulted in an “Invalid SSL certificate” error on my site (I’m using Full (strict) mode on Cloudflare).
I had to go into the cyberpanel again and replace it with the Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate, then at the end of the day it replaced it with the self-signed certificate.
This is really annoying, so I wanted to ask is there a way to disable the auto-replace to self-signed certificate when the current certificate is about to expire?

I actually just experienced this myself, on my most recently added website… which is odd, because I’ve been using CF Full (strict) on several of my older sites, and for some time now.