ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS wordpress and cloudflare

Hello i have a problem, If anyone help me i ll be appreciate. I already check same topic but i couldnt fix it.

my website running without anyproblem but a couple days ago start getting ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS i dont know why. I set all my cloudflare settings with working website but still have problem. i already make this htaccess edit but still not solved. How can i set my cloudflare settings ? i already click issue ssl and lets encrpt ssl left 89 days.
other things.
my wordpress options https url set.
i did not install really simple ssl plugin.actually i re upload my 20 days before working backup still not working. I think problem is cloudflare but i still coundt figure out.

ps: my php version is 7.4

Any suggestions and help i ll really appreciate

Do you use CF proxy? and What SSL setting do you use in CloudFlare? Flexible or Full?

check htaccess rule and remove all add basic and try

thank you very much all responses. I signup a new cloudflare account. and add again my website and problem solved. I think problem caused by cloudflare. thank you. We can close this topic.