Err_too_many_redirects prevents upload my website

Ok. I´m going to access the FTP client and looking for the .htaccess file

The 404 file, etc. isn’t the main issue here that is stopping the site from working.

It’s about file location. Only the files in the ‘public’ folder of the zip file with the landing site should be in the public_html folder. That is the big problem.

I didn’t have time to look very closely so I’m not sure what else there is in that zip so you might or might need any of it, but anything else that is needed should definitely go in a folder one level above public_html keeping the same structure as it has in the zip.

Hi, S4_Hosting. Thank you, I really appreciated your help and support to fix my problem! You were right about the issues I had, specifically the ones in which when a landing page has to many files, the main files have to be uploaded on the folder “public_html”. Your analysis removed the redirects and 404 issues in my website.

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You are welcome, glad you got it sorted out.