ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on all sites, after issuing SSL

This is urgent. All my client sites have gone done.

Everything seemed fine. I was accessing a site, and also the CyberPanel control panel. I used Cyber to issue SSL on the site I’d just been browsing. It said it issued fine. But after that, I can’t access anything (including CyberP) on the server. I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on all sites.

Please help. I would greatly appreciate some suggestions for sorting this out as soon as possible.

Thank you.

I’ve figured out I can still access CP via the server IP address. But all domain access (including CP) is down.

Well, this is very bizarre.
In CyberPanel I was looking through the options in the Server section. I then saw that OpenLiteSpeed was not running.

I clicked the Start button, and it’s now running. And, obviously, all sites are now accessible.

So this seems like a but to me. I’ve installed SSL on most websites on this CP instance, and never had it turn off OpenLiteSpeed.

In this case I activated SSL via the general SSL >MANAGE SSL tool. I’ve used that approach previously on some sites, so it’s not safe to say this bug is specific to that method of activating SSL.

This issue has occured again. This time I was simply adding a new website. After doing so, CyberPanel is working as per normal, but OLS has gone down. I have to then start it again.

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The same issues are covered in recent posts here. If you want to find some of them, try clicking my name icon. Discussions14 - Comments78 )
It currently here seems to be mainly a OpenLitepeedServer issue solved by rebooting the server. (downgrading/upgrading litespeed is a possible solution)

Thanks neweracloud. I appreciate your input. Glad to hear it’s not something specifically wrong with my server. Mine is currently on Cyber 1.9 build 3, and OLS 1.6.6 OPEN.

Do you think it’s worth updating to Cyber 1.9 build 4, and / or OLS 1.6.8 ?

I’ve discovered this issue also is triggered when updating PHP config settings. Doing so causes OLS WS to stop. Taking all web sites down with it (obviously). Has to be manually started again.

yeah , a temp solution is set up the watchdog for it

Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved in 2.x of CP?

In my case, I fix it by rebooting the server