enterprise and cyberpanel issue

Hi, i’ve istalled cyberpanel and openlitespeed on EC" machine.
Then in cyberpanel i upgrade to entarprice.
My problem:

when i upgrade it unistall opl and got enterprice, in old opl panel are server listener and configuration.
Now with enterprice, litespeed the error log say always , every minuts
Processing config file: /usr/local/lsws/conf/vhosts/dbuono.com/vhost.conf
stop listener
start listenet
LiteSpeed/5.4.9 Enterprise starts successfully!

every time litespeed restart end configure from vhost.

in litespeed panel are not vhost, or listener configuration bat in general page there is.

I try to exclude vhost configuration and configure from panel new vhost and listener but in this case enterprise have not the permission to open site folder.

Anyone can help me.

The retsart cause latency, u think.