Emails/Rainloop migration to new CyberPanel installation

I’m up to migrate a CyberPanel installation, including Rainloop and all its emails, from an old VPS to a new one.
CyberPanel will be freshly installed. Both systems (old and new) will have the same CP version.

Can you please recommend the best way to migrate all emails and email accounts? I guess this goes down to Rainloop… but I don’t know how.

Any details or step by step guide is very welcome.


Hello @Zipelkopf Happy you are here

  1. Go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/backup/backupSite backup every site one by one including mailboxes. Make sure the destination is something like Home Find your backup here /home/ I like this format it keeps everything neat.

  2. Next prepare this backup by moving this compressed file to /home/mydomain.compublic_html and change permissions to 0700 so that we can download it in the new VPS

  3. Using ssh terminal access new VPS, change directory to /home/backup and wget

  4. Access new vps go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/backup/restoreSite and choose from the dropdown and restore the backup.

Why not use Remote Backup? For me it has always been buggy you can however give it a try

A crude method i use with mailbox migration from cyberpanel to cyberpanel is copying /home/vmail over to new vps and done all mailboxes will be ok.

A neat way would be migration through imapsync. This my favoruite method its way cleaner and should be the recommended method for most cases

Hi @josephgodwinke and thanks a lot for the quick and detailed feedback!

I will give it a go with the crude method :slight_smile:

…I have no problem with the remote backup so far, it runs fine to me with an overnight shedule, but I never had the “pleasure” to try recovering anything from it. (sorry, I know it’s off-topic, but is it buggy for you when taking the remote backup or when restoring it?)

Thanks for suggesting imapsync, I didn’t know about it and I’m going to read more about it!

Best regards

Errors when restoring check all the comments here 1 - Backup/Restore - #12 by usmannasir and there are more issues that I have never cared to report here since there are alternative methods

I see, interesting… I guess I must try resptoring and try it myself. I’m going to take a snapshop of my dev enviornment and give it a go.
I will reply ayny update in the correct post and I’m going to close this one.
Thanks again!