Emails doesn't work | Postfix and Dovecot running

A fresh install of CyberPanel latest version on AlmaLinux, everything works without any issues as expected. However, emails don’t work, neither in webmail nor in the email client.

After installation of the panel, I’ve noticed that dovecot wasn’t installed so by following this tutorial Email not working after CyberPanel Upgrade? - CyberPanel, I’ve added a dovecot manually and it starts and runs without any error.

No other errors in the error logs. Here is the debug info. I confirm email-id and passwords are correct - not misspelled.

journalctl -f | grep dovecot : > journalctl -f | grep dovecot> Oct 08 08:24:10 -
journalctl -f | grep postfix : journalctl -f | grep postfixOct 08 08:30:03 postf -

Any help will be much appreciated.

*I’ve gone through almost all the forum threads and CyberPanel Docs but no joy.