email marketing list error

created a list of 10 mails in this format

but cyberpanel had only load the last mail address of the list

it was .txt file at /home location

CyberPanel load duplicate emails only once, are they duplicate?

no there are different mails
many gmail accounts but all different

Did you try CSV, anything in error logs?

csv format works good
all mails will be imported
but mails to gmail doesnt get inbox
no spam no inbox
they are not delivered

I think arguing about email delivery is a very large subject, first, it depends.

Are you using localhost to send your emails or some SMTP host like Sendgrid or MailGun?

About txt file issue, I will have a look.


list index out of range - whats that?

It is a potential bug, that can be fixed.

yes i think email marketing feature isnt that stable i thought^^
but anyways good work
mass mail clients for windows costs about 150 dollar and more^^

Can be few bugs, I’ve noted down this bug. Thanks for reporting.

I tested a .txt file, does not seem to find any issue. You can submit a ticket, please note that if you are loading emails from text file its extension should end with .txt