Email Issue (Sending and Receiving)


I recently setup Cyberpanel on VPS. and having issue with emails that I cannot send and receive any e-mails. Does anyone know why? I have set up DNS with Cloudflare. See logs:

Cloudflare screenshot
Checktls screenshot

Can anybody help me what I’m missing here?


Email Logs: See here

SHH nano /etc/postfix/ and and disable IP6 by changing inet_protocols = ipv4 then restart postfix systemctl restart postfix

Thank you @Dreamer for taking time to review my issue. I have followed the instruction and changed to inet_protocols = ipv4 (previously setting was inet_protocols = all) and restart the postfix.

Now it’s showing “Job for postfix.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See “systemctl status postfix.service” and “journalctl -xe” for details”

Check there is no typo on inet_protocols = ipv4 looks there is fatal error on config file

I have checked, there is no typo. see

what are checktls results?

Check below:


I have made changes in Cloudflare records, now I can send emails but cannot receive them.

Got 10/10 in mail-tester
PTR set to mail. mydomin. com

Does SpamAssassin is stopping incoming emails?

Any suggestions?