Email Forwarders and Catchall

After a month of testing on a in-house server…I have gone ahead and deployed CyberPanel to a working VPS and started transferring accounts from my reseller account (WHM/Cpanel).

So far I have noticed that two commonly used features my clients have are not in CyberPanel.

1). Email Forwarders…these are often setup to forward a virtual mailbox to people. e.g. [email protected] is forwarded to those running events [email protected], [email protected]. -----but there is no actual events mailbox.

Your implementation requires an actual mailbox to be created in order to set the forwarder (which means an un-monitored mailbox that can get full).

2). A catchall email address for domains…usually used to catch typos. However, I have clients with seasonal workers and they use the catchall to get correspondence directed to former workers (much easier than managing 100s of forwarders which is what they used to do – see above).



Catch all is needed so you don’t have to create and forward 5+ email accounts just to go to 1 inbox

You can do it with PHPmyAdmin in the fowarder table…but that is not the point of having a panel to manager the server

yes, I need a ‘virtual’ inbox for forwarded email addresses as well. I can’t really migrate over until i can add email forwarders without creating a proper inbox for them.

apart from that i’m loving Cyber Panel!


looks like this was this was recently added>

Also, missing email piping which is a must-have for whmcs.

@whattheserver said:
looks like this was this was recently added>

Also, missing email piping which is a must-have for whmcs.
Email Piping - WHMCS Documentation

I saw that, but you still have to create a full inbox for the email address you want to forward. The mail remains on the server filling up an unmonitored inbox.

The system just needs to forward the email, not keep it.


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In case you are still looking for a solution to this, here’s how I did it:

  1. In Cyberpanel admin, create a catchall email account

Ex: [email protected]

  1. In phpmyAdmin > Cyberpanel database, insert:[email protected]

  1. Follow the instructions in the article:

IMPORTANT: In dovecot.conf, change this:

plugin {
sieve = ~/dovecot.sieve
sieve_global_path = /etc/dovecot/sieve/default.sieve
sieve_dir = ~/sieve
sieve_global_dir = /etc/dovecot/sieve/global/

To this:

plugin {
sieve = /home/vmail/%d/%n/dovecot.sieve
sieve_global_path = /etc/dovecot/sieve/default.sieve
sieve_dir = /home/vmail/%d/%n/sieve
sieve_global_dir = /etc/dovecot/sieve/global/

  1. Login to rainloop with your catchall and create a filter:

Conditions: Recipients (To or cc)
Actions: Forward to [email protected]

Hope that helps someone!

Great that that works - but how does an end user set all that up when they just want to add a new forwarder?

Seems a bit ‘techy’ for a simple user :wink:


Any progress on forwarding that does not store a copy on the server?

Any progress on a catchall feature that does not require editing database tables directly?

Any progress on email piping?

These 3 items would be nice to have for those moving from cpanel which has all 3 easily configured in the GUI.

The forwarder adds 2 entries to the e_forwardings table in the cyberpanel db. Delete the entry with the same source/destination and the server will not keep a copy of the email.

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Any update in the topic I have the same issue.

there is simillar topic at this forum about email forwarder and catch-all
cyberpanel / rainloop not have catch-all email feature
and cannot forward if not have native inbox account (except you understand about mysql. you can modified the email table, one of our member already wrote about this at this forum, but i cant give the link because it advance level. so try to search. do it with your own risk and because if you post here, then you should read the comment from begin… there is already an answer

you can modified your MX to use 3rd party like forwardemail or improvmx
otherwise you can try to use cloudflare then enable their email re-route feature

So there is a fix but you won’t share the fix because it’s “advanced level”? :face_with_monocle:

@lvillalta As mentioned in the PM, PostfixAdmin is one solution where you can setup mailboxes and catch-all’s and it actually works but it’s bypasses Cyberpanel’s own mailbox settings/setup etc.
You can try adding catch-alls to the forwarding table (it’s not “advanced” in any way) but I never found it to work.

Not putting a downer on Cyberpanel, as it’s a good panel, but none of these solutions are user friendly in any way and it really needs the feature to be added to CyberPanel, moreso if there is (supposedly) a fix but it just needs bringing out to the UX.

when you do some modification at sql or the config then you should understand “how and what” you doing
by default cyberpanel+rainloop not provide email forwarder if you not create mail inbox first and catch-all

who said that ?

read this

… yeah not advance level :smiley:
but why you cant make it work ?
so you can share here…

Any news or progress on catchall implementation ?

Any update on a catch all email?