Effect of package bandwidth limit on emails

I’m using VPS, CentOS 64-bit and CyberPanel 2.1.
By default, I have set bandwidth limit to 10000MB but one of my website usage show 11006MB and that website I used for email marketing.
When I see the unexpected increase in my VPS disk usage from 25% to 50% then I made research on the issue.
Now I have set 0 (unlimited) to my package bandwidth but I am not sure about the unexpected increase in my VPS disk usage.
Please help to fix this issue.

Is there someone, who understands my problem?
I need to know about the process through which I can fix it.

The issue is that it detected and let go 1006MB more than it should right?

I believe that has to do with the cronjob that updated the usage, as it is not real-time.
So for example, if the cronjob runs every hour (I don’t recall how frequently) and you have 9500MB usage (500MB left), but during the next hour you use 2000MB, then when the cronjob runs and updates the value, it will be 11500MB, higher then the limit setup.

That is most likely what happened. To address it, you can adapt the cronjob to run at shorter intervals, for example, every 15 minutes. Although it is still not perfect, would be sufficient to address that issue.

Hello @tmoore ,
Thanks for coming to help me, as I have mentioned the unexpected increase in the disk usage.
Now, it’s better to start from actual pin point, after I have started to send newsletters through Cronjob (already set for 15min) then that increase comes in front of me whereas I am unaware about the default package bandwidth limit but when I see the continued increase in disk usage; after that I started to research about the problem.

  1. I have increased the default package bandwidth limit to 0(unlimited).
  2. I have visited the Email Queue, here a lot of emails are in queue, then I have flushed and the result comes 2% decrease in server disk usage.
  3. After a day, I have again comes to see the Email Queue, not more but some of emails are now in queue so I have deleted the remaining mails.
  4. Now I am with only 2% of decrease in server disk usage and none of the Emails in queue.