Duplicated e-mail with forwarding

Please reconfirm this. I will check my vps setups too. If it indeed is a bug then we can file a bug report to get this resolved asap

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Tried it once more. One email forwarded to all emails under one domain, but I only forwarded to one. There’s definitely a bug!

Yeah, same here
ID 4 - the e-mail that i’m want to forward, fowarding to itself
ID 5 - the correct forwarding, I guess

Just to close this topic:

The solution found so far is as follows:

  • After creating the email forwarding, access the database;
  • In the cyberpanel database, look for the e_forwardings table;
  • Find the ID in which the email is repeated, as per previous on post #23, and delete the ID.

Another detail is that Forwarding, in Cyberpanel, serves to create masks/aliases for the main emails and works normally. The problem is having to create an account to do this. Anyway…

Thank you @calvingrain for finding the duplicate email issue and the leader @die2mrw007

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i cannot understand

can you create some tutorial step by step to get email forward without having mailbox (is this the final goal ? email fwd w/o inbox ? if not… forgive me… my mistake)

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So, @MyIDKaTePe… There is no way to create forwarding without creating emails, as cyberpanel does not have a menu to create masks/aliases.

The idea is to actually create the new email and then forward it to the desired email.
Remember that, for now, it is mandatory to access mysql and delete the duplicate record. Otherwise you will receive duplicate emails.

I’m creating these emails and assigning with auto generated passwords so I don’t have to worry about unauthorized access.

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(sry for my bad english)

u mean… u still create email with inbox
but because you delete the sql. then the email will not received at inbox ? only forward it ?

No problem… maybe it’s because I’m using google translate to write my messages :stuck_out_tongue:
Where are you from? I’m from Brazil…

Yes, thats the idea

No, that’s not because the SQL… The SQL is just because the duplicated emails.

Maaan, you got me on this question.
Yes, the email no longer goes to the inbox and it’s only forwarded.
I went to check the forwarded email account and the box still exists but emails no longer go into it. It is empty!
The forwarding creation works like an alias/mask, but it also creates an unnecessarily dangerous mailbox.

noted… thats is the brilliant idea…
thankyou …
i will try it :slight_smile:

im from indonesia

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already test and it working…

if i want to use rainloop as my mailbox webbased
i just create the second email then go to phpmyadmin, change the home mail dir to primary domain…

the problem is:

  1. if i forward the first domain to gmail… it safe. not spam
    but if i change the forward second email to gmail… marked as spam.
    check at google header analize, spf soft fail :frowning:

  2. i cant add *@mydomain.tld


any idea ?

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