Duplicate DNS Record after Remote Backup

After do remote backup

  1. the ip changed to new server but other record except primary domain and mail.domain are still using old IP
  2. duplicated record

    and this is happen at txt record too
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If you pull websites from remote cyberpanel server, all DNS records from those websites will be copied in the new server. And when you change the cyberpanel IP in the new server, the DNS records will not be automatically changed to your server IP because DNS details are independent and this is the best method to preserve it.

I hope you understand. This is not a bug but a required step.

and should it prevented from creating new record ?

You can create and edit any record in DNS manually.

The reason this should be like this itself is, for example.
You have Server A with DNS for a domain pointed to any server (not necessarily the cyberpanel server IP)
Then from Server B you are remote transferring this website at Server A to Server B, the DNS records mentioned in Server A for that website will be copied and applied to Server B for that website.


clear enough…


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