DNS Server Cache in Cyberpanel?

Sorry I’m beginner and want to ask about DNS:

  1. I s there menu to set TTL DNS Cache in Cyberpanel?
  2. To configure the TTL DNS Cache, is it in server side (web server) or client side (client computer)?
  3. In my domain registrar they have DNS Server and in Cyberpanel also has DNS Server. Should I configure both DNS with the same configuration? Or I should only configure one DNS (either in domain registrar or Cyberpanel)? And lets say I configure A record in DNS Server in my domain registrar to a different IP with A record IP in DNS Cyberpanel, which one is used by the internet?
  1. Option to set TTL is coming in 1.6.4
  2. On DNS side you can set TTL.
  3. It depends, if DNS is managed by CyberPanel then you don’t need to add records on your registrar side, for more details you can read this guide: https://blog.cyberpanel.net/2018/02/24/how-to-register-private-name-servers-on-namecheap-or-godaddy-with-cyberpanel/

ok thanks, a very comprehensive article!
Some more questions:

  1. So registering a new nameserver is only in the Registrar side and cant be done in Cyberpanel DNS, correct? And the “create nameserver” menu in Cyberpanel is only to connect the nameserver that is already created in Registrar?
  2. Regarding the TTL Cache in Cyberpanel, will there be a menu/option to flush DNS Cache too?
  1. Correct.
  2. Once DNS record is changed/updated it is reflected instantly from the server side.