DNS Propagation Not Resolved

I have Cyberpanel installed on Vultr and have Nameserver


I have like 10 domain points to this DNS and it’s working fine but when I point new domain now it’s not working when I open it in the browser show as screenshot https://snipboard.io/nu4o2V.jpg

And I have used DNS check tools show like this screenshot https://snipboard.io/25n4wB.jpg
I have waited more than 1 week already for DNS propagation.

Please help me

Thank you

the dns of the nameservers are working
if you create a new domain then you need to make sure the dns is also for that domain
but before i can check i need to know the domain you try to point to that dns servers

use a tool like mxtoolbox so you can see exactly what is wrong or where it does not resolve or what records are missing in your dns

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thank you for supporting me.
My domain name is zancart.estate
Here is the screenshot when I use mxtoolbox https://snipboard.io/IgPjSG.jpg


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Login to your Namecheap Domain Panel
then go to domain management
click on nameserver
sent screenshoot here .

your domain having trouble to propagate DNS
i dont know what happen, but some of my friend facing this trouble too with new and/or old domain. the DNS Not resolved…

I hope nothing happen with domain root management lol like decades ago.

i will try help you until resolved.

put this DNS to zancart.estate

you have a dns loop
meaning that your domain points back to itself to resolve itself back to itself

remove it from cyberpanel and then see if you can access the default page

if not , then your loop is even before it hits cyberpanel
probably your dns is pointing to itself ( as it goes back to the nameserver ip )
so your nameserver is resolving the domain to say that it need to point to the ip adress
but the ip adress says it need to point back to the domain name and that domain name points back to the ip adress … you get the idea of the loop

fix it by adding the correct ip in dns , so the nameservers can resolve it to the domain name and that the domain name can resolve it back to the ip it need to have

for example
A record : zancart.estate →
A record : ns1.zancart.com →
kinda like that , it is just a dns error you have because of wrong value’s

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Dear all supporters,

Thank you for your advice.
Now I have fixed it, I remove it from Cyberpanel and add it back.

I have tested the domain name that points DNS to Cyberpanel but not added to Cyberpanel get the same problem too. So when we point domain make sure we add it to Cyberpanel this is what I just learned.

Thank you guys again.

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normally, we do not do that
you can add website before pointing NS…
I dont know, some of my site have trouble when i change the NS. perhaps because some of dot root having trouble.