DNS conflict with AdGuard Home

Hi community.

This is my first time using CyberPanel and I would love to explore it more. It’s very complete and well designed.
It took me a couple of hours to solve the dns problems, but now all seem ok.

I would like to use CyberPanel in combination with AdGuard Home, but both need port 53.
Of course I can change port 53 to 5353 for AdGuard Home, but then I can’t use it as a dns sinkhole for my (mobile) internet connection.

Any one got ideas or a solution?

Welcome @Wanabo Happy you are here

Am guessing you are using CyberPanel as a DNS only server

You can open the port through the Firewall 1 - Firewall

This should work for your needs

Hi josephgodwinke,

Thanks for the welcome.
I did a “standard” install of Cyberpanel.
After that I installed AdGuard Home. Because port 53 was in use I had to choose another port. That port (5353) is also opened in CSF/LFD firewall. Problem is I can not enter that port in my config from my router nor in my phone. So it is defaulted to port 53, but that port is in use by pdns (powerdns). So AdGuard won’t work.
I switched ports. Gave AGH port 53 and pdns port 5353, but then the websites become unavailable. So restored the original settings.

I hope there is a solution for this.

use DNS-over-TLS, where port 53 is not required in AdGuard Home as explained here Outbound Port 53 - required for AdGuard HTTPS address, but not SDNS | AdGuard Forum

Thank you for that hint. I came to the same conclusion after some more digging.
I found this tutorial: adguard-home-on-public-server.
But it mentions I need a wildcard ssl certificate. As I understand it now it is not a feature of cyberpanel (yet), how-to-set-up-wildcard-ssl-on-cyberpanel-openlitespeed.

I will do some more testing and digging before I give up on CyberPanel. I did purchase the server just for AGH, but was also looking for a new panel and do some testing. I hoped to hit two flies at once. (If that is a good English expression)

I’m definitely impressed with CyberPanel and it will be my first choice on new, or when reinstalling, servers.

I might come back asking questions about cert/ssl paths, but first I will try to find it in the forums.