Disk Usage Detail Info


i hope @usmannasir can add some info about diskusage
so we can check where is the big one… and other…
of course we can do this via cli, but 1 console better than open 2 (i think)

did u find any solution?

What I like about cyberpanel since my 1st ever usage is that its blazing fast and light. Adding too many functions like cPanel will make it heavy and slower is what I feel. Thats the reason I and many other users suggested the team to not integrate stats system in cyberpanel which eats up resources and make it heavy (for example the stats we get in cPanel - awstats, etc)

For disk usage I dont think it may use much server resources but still adding any new feature will require more codes and maintenance and with the current set of active developers behind cyberpanel, its not possible for new features to implement. There is only 1-2 developers working behind cyberpanel and they are doing it on their free time to continue the project.

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