Deleting Servers

I am not sure if this is the best place for this request, but logically would it be best to add a delete button for servers on the server list within cyberpanel cloud control panel.

  • It would stop staff wasting time having to answer tickets and waiting for staff to delete them from the backend.
  • It would stop cyberpanel customers from having to open tickets just to remove a server from the server list.
  • It would stop businesses from having to waste time communicating everytime a server needs deleting.

you mean,… Cloud services ?

Thanks for pointing that out, I have edited my post, and yes cloud services.

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all you need is just revoke the API

Going to be hard, the installation stalled. Due to this, we destroyed the server so we could try the installation again. When trying to manage it in cyberpanel cloud server list, it is still stuck on installing, even though the server is deleted.

server removed