Deleting a user using the CyberPanel API?

I am trying to user the CyberPanel API and PHP wrapper to delete a user.

I am able to create a new account using the create_new_account() member function. This automatically creates a new user if necessary. I can also delete that account with terminate_account().

Here is the code I am using, with the api.php file that has the CyberApi class.

$cyber = new CyberApi();
$params = array('serverusername'=>'admin', 'serverpassword'=>'[password]', 'serversecure'=>TRUE, 'serverhostname'=>'[IP]', 'serverport'=>'8090');
$params_more = array('domain'=>'', 'clientsdetails'=>array('email'=>'[email]'), 'configoption1'=>'Default', 'username'=>'somedoma', 'password'=>'[userpassword]', 'configoption2'=>'user');
$params = array_merge($params, $params_more);
//$result = $cyber->verify_connection($params);
//$result = $cyber->create_new_account($params);
$result = $cyber->terminate_account($params);

However, I couldn’t figure out if there’s an API function to delete the user. ‘somedoma’ in this case. I didn’t see anything about deleting users in the documentation, don’t see a delete user function in api.php.

Is there a way to delete users using the API?

If you can’t do this in Cyberpanel, what’s the best way to add a MySQL database and user, and set privileges, in a way that doesn’t potentially conflict with Cyberpanel? In terms of some way that you can automate via a script.