Data loss in a website public folder

data corruptions can happen sometimes, some command operations too has negative effects. I cannot point out the exact reason for the incident as I dont know the real fact happened with your server.

Just make sure to always update cyberpanel (always check version management section and if its behind the latest commit, then update).

Also just keep the data backup to remote servers/providers for better safety.

@die2mrw007 actually … is that normal the backup folder is empty ?
and where is the backup local took places actually ? /home/user/backup or /home/backup ?

i never use local backup so i dont know, but this is a good question i think…
maybe i miss the guide or wiki about the updated backup tutorial
do you have the link ?

All the guides/docs mentions the path /home/backup/ which isn’t changed. Its still the same.

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thankyou… i will test it for a week…
with using that local backup… when we need to restore only use restore option from web panel, right ?

Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend local backups as there is always a chance the server get crashed and you will loose the backups. Remote backups are always more safer.

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yes… i always use remote backup
just wondering :slight_smile:

@MyIDKaTePe Actually the standard path based on my experience is always “/home/website/backup” then in case you have to restore un backup you’ll need to move it to “/home/backup” and even create the directory sometimes if it’s not showing up, then you’ll have access through restore option from the panel.