CyberPanel VMM

Looks very interesting, Ive just installed it to give it a test. well to see what it looks like on a vps, going to buy a dedicated server soon to test the creation of vps servers.

I notice its in the ent docs and not the normal docs, so i’ll assume it’ll be only usable for the enterprise users and not the free one when it comes out of beta?

i like the fact you can create vpses on other servers from one panel with other servers having cyberpanel on to, Might be a idea to add that feature for the hosting and reseller part to :slight_smile:


Virtual Machine Manager itself is free, for now, it is only available with the OpenLiteSpeed version of CyberPanel.

Later you may be able to install with CyberPanel Ent too.

I did not understand the last para of your question? We already have a reseller feature for quite some time now (It is called ACL).


I ment on the vps panel part you can add other servers and create vpses on other severs youve added to the main vps panel under server then create server.

what i ment is the same for the normal panel where you can add servers to the main host panel and create shared and reseller accounts onto other servers from the main panel like you can with the vps panel

and its a great feature to have for the free panel the vps part,makes it a step above the other free panels out there