CyberPanel to CyberPanel (Bugs & Errors)

Hello, I was trying to transfer files from one VPS (CP) to Another (CP-NEW)

But I am having a bug in which when I start the transfer of accounts it goes for unlimited time.

I’m following this guide: 3 - Remote Transfer - CyberPanel

If someone know how to manually transfer CP to another VPS let me know.

My backup now works perfect except they don’t show in my new CyberPanel where I transfered the files.

Bump Please.

Hi Shehryar, what’s the version of CyberPanel and OS on old and new server?

Both CP are v2.0.0 and CentOS7

i have 2 cyberpanel installed.
1: ver 1.9
2: ver 2.0
I can not remote connect due to version check.
How to solve it