Cyberpanel SSL not issuing for domain, assigning self signed cert instead

Hello! One of my domains in cyberpanel started facing some SSL issues due to which there are errors while getting on SSL for the domain. The panel says:" HAS SELF-SIGNED SSL.Your SSL will expire in 3649 days."

The logs say:
“Trying to obtain SSL for: DOMAIN”
“Failed to obtain SSL, issuing self-signed SSL for: DOMAIN”

Please guide me on how I may fix this. I have made sure the DNS is on point unless I have missed something. Thank you!

hi, i have faced this problem. I have two quick solutions.
The first is to make sure that the DNS is properly configured before installing SSL.
The second, remember that for the installation of the ssl cerbot it verifies the existence of some files in your domain, in my case my website had a path system that blocked the search for this file. You must create a path to reach them. The created files are located in public_html / .well-known / acme-challenge / name.

With that you can solve

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Hello! I checked on that, it does not seem to be the issue. Apparently when the SSL was deleted inside of the website files, it shut down port 443 on OpenLitespeed so seems to be a much complicated issue. If anyone else want to pop in

And could you open port 443? from bash