Cyberpanel security tips

Hello to everyone! I hope you are fine.

What are the most important security tips you use in cyberpanel?

I use features such as ssh port change, csf.
We use completely original software by the site and connect to the server using a secure computer.

Also, I think it is an advantage in terms of security that cloudflare does not support port 8090. It is not easy to reach the panel login page.

There is no 100% secure system. I know this. But we can reduce the risks of attack.

Do you have any other suggestions for panel and data security?

Thank you.

i dont know
but this is what i do

use pre-os intalled
then manual install cyberpanel
change ssh port

i only use default config. no csf
if i got ddoss that is datacenter problem not me lol
thx god i put my vps on great datacenter

because in my opinion no tools that have 1 step forward than attacker :slight_smile:

Simple security settings like mod_security and open_basedir are also important. Are you using these?

openbased dir ?

sometimes i use it sometimes not
if user can broke and browse to root folder
then i will post here …so developer will fix it :slight_smile:

too much rule will make some small hole