Cyberpanel only 100gb after install

Installed cyber panel on a 2TB fresh install of ubuntu server. cyber panel is reporting only 98GB available, help? how can i increase my web server to use all 2TB

you are using auto installer from provider ?

I used the installer from cyber panel.

From reference it’s a VM in truenas.

try to destroy than re install UBUNTU server 20.04 LTS.
minimalist mode… no php, no apache no sql no ftp …

after that… check your storage info…
if you miss the space
you should ask the provider

first mount al the disk ask provider to do and then install

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I am the provider, I’ll give it a shot later, thank you.

i mean
your vps provider

I physically built the server thank you I will try the minimalist install

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forgive me for my mistake. you own your own baremetal server and the server took place front of you…
before you install the cyberpanel try check the mounted path disk partition. sometimes automatic partition configuration still create 1 swap partition.

Correct, I’ll check that. Thank you. I’ll keep you informed on what I find. Thanks for the suggestions.

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I figured it out, thank you everyone.

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