Cyberpanel not installing Wordpress in server root, not able to connect on port 443 on my server IP

When using AWS instance Public domain name.The wordpress website is installed by Cyberpanel by default in /home/, I already have letsencrypt SSL installed manually for the domain(, * on my server. I am using AWS instance for the my webserver running with Cyberpanel,Now the issue is that when my origin server which is an AWS instance and it is being accessed by Cloudfront (I already have set up same alternate names for my domain on AWS certificate manager-, * So that Cloudfront can access my instance on port 443 with the alternative Cnames (, Since the Subject alternative names on SSL certificates both on my webserver and AWS matches. Also I need to provide to Cloudfront my server’s public IP (54.226…xx.xx) or the Public friendly domain name ( in order to connect my origin securely (this is going to be an end to end secure connection). The issue is that the whenever Cloudfront is contacting my origin server it throughs up 502 error (not able to connect to the server). Because the Subject alternative names does not match, as the SSL is setup for and not for Cloudfront is reaching out to my origin on my servers root directory where it is not able to find SSL for my custom domain. When I setup cloudfront to reach my origin at port 80, then it is working fine and the litespeed example page is displayed. All I need some advise on how to setup my SSL or my wordpress website so that my website ( is served on my server’s public IP ant not the litespeed Example page. FYI, I am using Litespeed Enterpise. As mentioned earlier Cyberpanel is not installing the wordpress in the Webserver’s root directory. So if anyone can provide me with the instruction or advice to overcome this issue. Thanks in advance. The screenshots shared as onmyip — ImgBB usingdnsname — ImgBB