CyberPanel Limitations if migrating from cPanel


I am not sure if my findings are already fixed since I am not able to get the options.

1 ) Website list order should be ASC or desc or searchable
2 ) Zone editor should be within the website so that easy to search
3 ) Website Owner change not allowed or option not available
4 ) Custom ACL list not visible in the panel
5 ) Complete list of website with disk usage, the owner should be available for better reporting and management
6 ) Webmail and PHPMyAdmin should not open with the port since many firewall or companies not allowing custom port other than 443 or 80 in URL.
7 ) Auto backup deletion from home like older than 3 days etc to save space in accounts. Make it default admin/server setting
8 ) Backup restoration from GUI like upload on the server and select to restore. We should limit accessing server as much possible.
9 )

User -
1 ) Email accounts created on a particular website. Listing emails not available.

Resellers -
Domain wise resource usage report like disk space utilization
Will update shorting after checking … in progress

Overall CyberPanel is good but may need time to make it easier and perfect.