CyberPanel is best!

Hey everyone cyber panel is one of the best things I found on the internet in the last few days, it can compare to Cpanel functions easily and is free! This is really important for people from 3rd world countries. The only thing I don’t like is the 2GB limit in uploads via file manager since I can’t use FTP because of Cloudflare and I’m looking for a way to upload my backup now. Anyways guys, keep up the good work! Can i donate somehow?

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By the way, is it fine that I connected already installed cyber panel self-hosted to the cloud one?

Thank you for sharing the positive experience and welcome to the forum.
Connecting to cyberpanel cloud is mostly not required unless you need to test the debug tools available there.

And to increase the upload limit, you will need to change the default limit under php settings

Login to cyberpanel, under PHP you will see option edit php config, select php 7.3 and change the value of upload_max_filesize and post_max_size

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I did put it but it still puts me error when i try to upload something bigger than 2GB

Btw your blog is beautifully designed :wink:

After changing the values you will need to restart PHP. You can also try restarting the server and see.


Thanks, will that way i be able to upload files larger than 4gb? I put 8192mb on the fields, but didn’t reset php nor the server

By the way is cyberpanel enterprise free or how much does it costs and what features does it brings? Also where can i find plugins to download and install?

Thank you for your helo, i hope you have great day and health God bless you!

i still facing this problem too until my last test 2 weeks ago
already change the limit… but still same result.

im not test it yet today :slight_smile: but i will test in few min.

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I don’t have time ti waste since i have to upload my wordpress backup and i have frequent ddos attacks so i must use cloudflare so i can’t use ftp…thats why i am desperate in solution for this. Also whats diffirence between free litespeed and enterprise one? Are there better features in ent?

For such large filesize or database size, always use ssh commands which is fastest than any other method you will use. You can google it to know what are the essential commands for moving, copying, fetching from other server, etc.

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So could i upload my backup from my computer to the server via ssh (ubuntu 20 04)

800MB it’s working :slight_smile:

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have you edit the php limit size yet ?

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I did edit it to 8gb as my backup is 5gb i will check today in few hours when I’m back from work il restart php and server to see if it will upload it.

Kf it doesn’t i found some ssh commands for uploading files but i don’t know if it will work

i just tried to upload my backup, restarted the server and PHP and still same error

scp -r /path/local/files root@:

found this command could it help?
On those zeros should I put my IP address of my VPS and on root should I put admin as that’s the username of my cyber panel? Can you help me please <3

after scp -r everything needs to be set as per your server path and also the path of your remote server from where you are trying to fetch the backup file from.

If you are very new to all these commands, then I would suggest you to try MobaXterm SSH software which has SSH and also SFTP all inbuilt. Login to your server using this software and you can try uploading the backup file using the SFTP file manager it has.

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