Cyberpanel interface ssl mismatch

any help would be appreciated…
I do not have an unusual setup…I installed CP in july and have used it ever since.

1). I access the CP by…where is the hostname.

2). The SSL cert for has been updated since July and does not expire for a few months.

3). The SSL cert for supplied by (cyberpanel) is the old original cert from the first install which IS expired.

I have checked with fresh browsers / multiple PCs…this is not some odd cache issue as I first thought. I have restarted LSWS and the cyberpanel.

I am on Centos and have CP 1.9…by I don’t think that is the issue.

Was the old Cert copied to the Cyberpanel directory…I have yet to find it?


well that was confusing…it was this situation and solved with the link file found at the bottom.