Cyberpanel forcing ads.

Why are there more and more ads and bottom links in Cyberpanel?
After today’s update, an ad appeared on the login page.
Is it necessary to impose and force them in this panel?
After all, this weakens the security of this panel.

Hello @Nencio, No ads for me after last update.
I have updated an old version and I just started a new server

What ads? I dont have a single ad…

What is this ad for:

In this type of software you should not add links advertising a bottom bracket. There is already a link in the panel after logging in.

About this picture in the new login panel.
You can see it in the picture I added. This is littering of a good admin panel.

Can’t say that I particularly have gained anything from the addition of the picture but it doesn’t overly upset me either. Having a direct link to changelogs is something I’m pretty happy about though.

Back to your original point though, you started off by saying there are ‘more and more’ ads. The example you gave isn’t really an ad at all and I can’t see any others anywhere unless I am missing something?