Cyberpanel behind NAT and some backup questions

Hello there. Nice panel you created.

One question: Does Cyberpanel work on a nat vps with port forwarding and reverse proxy? Does caching and ssl work on a NAT environment?

ALso, another question: Does backup create a full backup (e.g. user settings, mail server, mysql databases etc.)? Can a backup be restored in a different server/vps with different ips (vestacp style)? What type is the backup? Something like a tarball or a zip, that can be extracted in case the restore does not work as expected?


Hello !

For NAT, you need to at least forward port 80, and 8090 and it should work.

Backups can be restored on any server, it includes:

  1. Data inside public_html.
  2. SSL Certificates.
  3. Email Accounts and their data.
  4. Databases.
  5. DNS Records

Format is tar.gz, once downloaded you can untar to view its content and meta file.

Thanks, is sounds perfect!