Cyberpanel at home - Ip dynamic

Hello all !
I have a server at home and i search a solution for renew my public IP into Cyberpanel.
I use DNS with Cloudflare to renew my addresses with my domain names (and all it’s ok) but my IP address of my public internet line is not renewed into Cyberpanel.
I know you can change the address in / etc / cyberpanel / machineIP but there is nothing to make the task automatic?

Tks for help ^!

I know this post is a bit old, but i was just looking for the same thing and bump into this : A Shell Script to Update "/etc/cyberpanel/machineIP" File of CyberPanel for Dynamic WAN IP (IPv4/ IPv6) Server · GitHub
This seems to be a solution for a dynamic ip, but to be honest, i could run the server without changing host ip, except for the remote backup.
I haven’t tried this myself yet due to lack of time, but all i can say is that manually changing the ip address of the server will cause remote backup fail.

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