Cyberpanel 2 Redis and Redis Extension

I struggle to install Redis object cache on my Cyberpanel based on Ubuntu 20.04 and running a WordPress blog with PHP 7.4

I used these commands to get it work.
sudo apt install redis
sudo apt install redis-server
sudo apt install lsphp74-redis
sudo apt install lsphp73-redis

Can anyone tell me if all of these are required?

Object cache I think is a missing feature for Ubuntu 20.04 and Centos 8, and need to complete in the next version.
I have tested both of the above linux versions and none of the is not working (missing files and repos)

@dyrer Noticed the same issue when I installed CyberPanel on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 as well. Redis is not available even though I sad Yes to installing redis during initial installation and the lsphpXX-redis is not detected by CyberPanel.

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