CyberPanel 1.6.4 Released with DKIM Manager, Improved DNS Module and Bug fixes!

Our last stable update was 18th April, 2018 as you can see on change logs. Finally we are ready to release version 1.6.4, this version needs a seprate blog post because there are some interesting changes made. Starting version 1.6.4 you will now have dedicated DKIM Manager where you can manage DKIM for domains. We’ve improved DNS module made bug fixes to ModSecurity installation and SSL. We will see more details later in this article.

DKIM Manager

I am going to start with DKIM Manager since this is going to affect many people, sending emails to inbox is a problem since decades and recently it became a major issue. Earlier we had a great article about manual dkim generation process, but for some people this was not so easy.

Starting version 1.6.4 you can now generate DKIM Keys (and related DNS Records) with one click from CyberPanel. We’re going to have a detailed seprate article explaning how this works and where is everything stored.

You can read email documention for further details.

Creation of basic DNS Records

Whenever new website is created through CyberPanel we was creating very few basic records. Now upon creation of a website following records are being generated automatically:

  • A.
  • MX.
  • CNAME.
  • FTP.
  • SPF.
  • DMARC.
  • DKIM (If DKIM is checked during website creation, or later when DKIM is generated for website)

These records covers all the basic DNS requirments, and they will only work if your DNS is handled by CyberPanel otherwise they won’t have any effect.

Let’s Encrypt SSL for MailServer

By default Postfix and Dovecot use self-signed SSL and many email clients won’t like self-signed SSL. You can now issue Let’s Encrypt SSL for MailServer just like you issue SSL for hostname.

It is also recommended to use the domain which have rDNS record against your IP when you issue MailServer SSL.

Bug fix to ModSecurity

Old installations (prior to ModSecurity feature) was having issues installing/enabling ModSecurity this issue is now patched in this release.

Domain Aliases

Domain aliasing is requested very often on forums (here and here), Facebook Group and Discord. So, starting version 1.6.4 we now have Domain Alises.

You can read alias documentation for further details.

Improved DNS Module

Versions prior to 1.6.4 does not have the ability to view, delete or edit SOA records. You can now edit, view and delete SOA records.

SRV records are also added, and you can now even manually add your own NS records too.

You can also see that each records type are now separated in their own tabs, which makes it easier to handle and view them separately.

Improved SSL Module

SSL module was not properly issuing SSLs. We’ve improved the issuance process of SSL certificates. There is an additional logging in case Let’s Encrypt SSL is not issued or self-signed SSL is issued.

Normally when there is no A Record for domain pointing towards the server will create issues, so make sure you have correct DNS records added before trying to generate SSL.


Follow the upgrade guide.


This update basically solved most common issues related to email, as email is important part of any organization it should be properly handled.

Let us deliver all those emails to inboxes.